Covid-19 Update: Please note that we are following strict guidelines to protect our clients from Covid-19. Our staff wear facemasks and use social distancing when possible.

Our Services

At Gervita Home Care, we provide a range of personalized services aimed at fulfilling all the needs of our patients

Visiting Care

Visiting care is one of the support services that we offer that involves one of our carers visiting your home to aid you and then leaving afterward. Typically, our visiting care helps clients with medical issues that require professional care or clients with a recovery goal. These visits are scheduled around the client’s availability and can be customized so that carers visit daily or only a few times a week depending on the client’s situation.

These short visits are great for clients who need professional care such as check-ups or other medical procedures but are able to still care for themselves when it comes to other daily tasks. Our clients will receive high-quality medical attention from certified carers who are experienced in working in a home environment.

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Flexible scheduling allowing for visits to be scheduled when clients are available, whether visits are daily or every few days of the week.

Passionate and experienced carers that are able to help clients in treating medical issues and carrying out daily procedures.

We help clients of all ages since we believe in providing home care services to anyone that needs them.

We want to build meaningful relationships between clients and carers to make sure clients are relaxed when we enter their home.

Live-In Care

Our live-in care services involve our carers having a more close relationship with clients that may require more medical attention throughout the day. We will personally choose a carer among our team that we feel will be the best fit for aiding you in your specific situation. We want to make sure that our clients have a good relationship with the carer they are assigned so that they feel comfortable and safe in their homes.

Our clients that require live-in care services are able to rely on a carer that will aid them at any time of the day so that they get the attention they need. Our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority and we want to make sure we are fulfilling their medical requirements while also making sure that they are comfortable and relaxed when we are in their home.

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  Medical attention from certified carers.
  Home care services that can be provided at any time of the day.

Senior Care

Gervita Home Care provides home care services for senior clients that help with carrying out daily tasks and tending to their medical needs. Senior clients may require a carer to help them carry out daily tasks in and out of the house in order to live comfortably. Our passionate carers will make sure that your daily needs are taken care of so that you are able to live in a less stressful environment.

Elderly clients may also be dealing with physical and mental illnesses that require medical attention from a professional. Gervita Home Care has a team of medically-certified carers that are also able to make sure that our senior clients receive the medical attention they need. Whether it is daily medical procedures that clients need help with, or help with recovering from injuries and illnesses, Gervita Home Care is here to make sure that our clients are living comfortably. We want to build relationships with our senior clients so that they can rely on us to provide them home care services that make their lives easier.

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Companion Care

Our companion care services not only include helping our clients with medical issues or daily tasks but also with social interactions. For companion care services, we believe it is essential that we pair our clients with a carer that best fits their personality and situation. We want to make sure that our clients and carers are having meaningful and genuine interactions so that they build a real connection that comforts both sides.

There are many different companion care services that we offer which can range from simply having conversations to helping the client attend social gatherings. Our passionate and experienced carers aim to make genuine connections with our clients so that clients feel fulfilled and comfortable during social interactions and other social activities.

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Support Care for Youth

Gervita Home Care is able to provide home care services for clients of all ages. We have a very experienced team of medically-certified carers that are able to help young clients that require medical attention. Whether it is daily medical attention or occasional visits, our passionate carers will make sure that clients feel safe and receive the medical attention that they need. Gervita Home Care is very flexible with the home care services that they offer, allowing young clients to receive help with daily tasks, medical procedures, and social activities.

At Gervita Home Care, we want our carers to build a connection with our young clients so that they feel safe and comfortable in our presence. Our team members are passionate people who feel fulfillment from helping others that are in need. We believe in creating a relaxed environment for our young clients so that they can turn to us whenever they require support.

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Skilled Nursing

At Gervita Home Care, we proudly offer skilled nursing services for those in need. This means that we are equipped to respond to and handle more serious health concerns. Our nurses offer a variety of healthcare services ranging from wound care to disease management and IV treatments. With well-trained, fully registered nurses working at Gervita Home Care, we can promise that all of our patients will be in good hands.

By promoting and optimizing health for everybody, the nurses at Gervita Home Care promise to meet the specific needs for each and every individual they work with. Our nurses will make every patient comfortable by communicating as much as possible. This means coordinating with other healthcare professionals, thoroughly explaining procedures and treatments to patients, and putting in an effort to make the patient comfortable at all times.

  Wound & post-surgical care
  IV treatments
  Infusion services
  Disease management

Medical Social Worker

At Gervita Home Care, we have a team of medical professionals who are responsible for supporting patients and offering them the resources they need in order to recover quickly and fully from any illness or injury. With medical social workers who are passionate about what they do and are fully qualified for the job, our patients will always be treated with uttermost care.

Our medical social worker services are suitable for everybody. Whether our patient is recovering from a medical illness, an injury, or has any kind of emotional, physical or physiological concerns, our medical social workers are trained to help. Our medical social workers will psychologically assess their patients and will support them based on their specific needs.

  Assessment and specific planning for individuals
  Professional counselling
  Crisis intervention

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps injured and/or ill patients to improve their movement, manage pain, and performance general daily tasks that the patient can’t perform due to specific circumstances. At Gervita Home Care, our medical professionals will provide knowledgeable physical therapy services for patients who need assistance with any sort of movement. These services include helping patients with simple tasks such as feeding and more complex tasks such as exercise assistance.

At Gervita Home Care, our physical therapy services are meant to help anyone and everyone, regardless of their scenario. Whether the patient suffered an injury or is dealing with an illness that inhibits movement, our fully-trained and licensed medical professionals will provide specific assistance given an individual patient’s situation.

  Bathing, showering & incontinence care
  Grooming & personal care